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Donate towards new Mobile Clinics

Donate towards new Mobile Clinics

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Become a Sponsor/Partner

Become a Sponsor/Partner

PinkDrive NPC is a registered Non-Profit Organisation and relies on corporate partnerships and CSI funding. 

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As South Africa’s most loved cancer awareness brand, our message is that early detection prolongs lives and our core focus is to bring critical gender-related screening to disadvantaged communities.  Our reporting on expenditure is detailed and accurate and we provide audited financial statements annually.

Benefits to donors

Cash donations qualify for a tax deduction and PinkDrive NPC will issue the relevant documentation on request. The donation of services or donations of any reciprocal nature does not qualify for a tax deduction.

SED certification

All donations made to PinkDrive qualify as Social Economic Development assistance as defined by the BEE Codes of Good Practice. PinkDrive has a SED certificate which has been assessed and certified by an independent auditor.

Cause-Related Marketing

Cause-related marketing (CRM) is part of a company’s corporate social responsibility, a mutually beneficial collaboration between a corporate’s marketing strategy and a non-profit’s fundraising strategy designed to promote sales for the corporate and funding for the cause. It is a powerful marketing tool that can help you as a corporate, drive business.

Corporate Wellness Days

Book a Corporate Wellness DAy

PinkDrive offers tailor-made Corporate Wellness packages to companies as part of their wellness offering to their staff or surrounding communities.

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Mobile Women’s Health Unit

The new Women’s Health Unit boasts a complete women’s health section, offering Mammography and Gynaecology services.

Mobile Breast Check Unit

This is a mobile breast clinic with a private clinical breast examination and consultation area.

Mobile Mammography Unit

The mobile mammography unit has state of the art mammography equipment, operated by a mammographer, set up in a private room.

The following services can be offered as part of the Corporate Wellness Packages:
  1. Mobile Mammography;
  2. Gynaecology Services (Pap smears);
  3. Breast Cancer Education (includes clinical breast examinations);
  4. PSA screening (prostate cancer) and education for men;
  5. Glucose testing;
  6. Blood pressure testing.

* All services are conducted by qualified medical personnel.

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KarenPark Clinic Launch - City of Tshwane

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