Clover partners with PinkDrive to drive breast cancer awareness

5 Oct, 2023 | News, PinkDrive in The Media

Clover has announced its partnership with PinkDrive for the “Pink for Purpose” initiative which involves the rebranding of some of Clover’s most loved dairy products to limited edition pink packaging for the month of October, namely the 2litre Fresh Full Cream Milk & Low Fat Milk, 2litre Ultra Pasteurised Fresh Full Cream Milk and Low Fat Milk and 250ml Fresh Cream (“Pink Clover Product”) in order to raise awareness for breast cancer as well as educate and encourage the public to get tested for early detection of this disease.

Clover will donate 20 cents towards the PinkDrive for every Pink Clover Product purchased which will aide in the fight against breast cancer by assisting the PinkDrive in raising funds to acquire a new mammogram machine valued at R3m, further supporting PinkDrive’s efforts to conduct screenings for early detection of breast cancer.

Additionally, to show support for this lifesaving cause, consumers will also be able to scan a QR code found on the packaging, point of sale touchpoints as well as Clover’s social media bios, to make a donation of their choice if they so choose. 

Noelene Kotschan, CEO and founder of PinkDrive, emphasises the urgency of early detection through screening to improve breast cancer survival rates.

“In South Africa, breast cancer stands as the most prevalent cancer among women, yet the survival rate lingers at a mere 40%. In higher income countries, the survival rate soars to 70%. The disparity is stark, which is why the screening for early detection is imperative, it can help save lives. Our mission is to prolong livelihood through early detection and preventing as many people as we can from succumbing to gender related cancers,” Kotschan explains.

Breast Cancer Awareness
Clover Pink for Purpose

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“Time is of the essence when it comes to cancer detection and treatment. With the potential for years to pass before symptoms manifest, early detection becomes a lifeline, offering individuals a fighting chance for survival through timely intervention. Recognising the critical importance of early detection, having Clover support our drive, not only raises awareness but also provides medically uninsured South Africans with the opportunity to get tested,” continues Kotschan.

Making a real difference

The aim of the campaign is to trigger a ripple effect of change with every drop of Pink Clover Product, encouraging every person to participate as each contribution makes a very real difference and highlights the commendable efforts of PinkDrive during this breast cancer awareness month.

Clover’s brand group manager, Jani Menikou says: “Cancer is a reality that has touched the lives of countless individuals, whether through personal experiences or the experiences of loved ones. In recognition of the profound impact of cancer on our communities, Clover is proud to announce its partnership with PinkDrive, a leading nonprofit organisation dedicated to creating awareness through education and early detection.

This collaboration emphasises Clover’s commitment to supporting vital initiatives that address pressing health concerns. PinkDrive’s tireless efforts in the fight against cancer align seamlessly with Clover’s mission to make a positive difference in the lives of its employees, consumers, and the wider community.

Through this partnership, Clover and PinkDrive are determined to make a difference in the fight against cancer, supporting not only those currently battling the disease but also working towards a future with fewer cancer diagnoses.”

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