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Some of this information is based on material published by the Irish Cancer Society, with their permission. Everyone´s breasts are different. Some are small and some large. Some are lumpy, while others are smooth. It is important to know how your breasts normally feel and that they will feel different closer to and during menstruation. They will also feel different after menopause.

What does a breast lump feel like?

Hormonal lumps are smooth and mobile. These change size during menstruation due to hormonal fluctuations. These are normal lumps. Fatty lumps are also smooth and mobile. These form the inner breast tissue and are also normal. Breast cancer lumps are hard, gritty and not mobile. These are not normal and need to be checked.

Self Examination
Breast Self Examination

At what age should you start breast examinations?

From puberty on-wards.

When and where should you do breast examinations?

Men: At any time, once a month.
Women: Five to seven days after a period. If post menopausal, the examinations should be conducted at same time each month.
Remember, breast exams must be done every month, forever more.
The best place to be checking your breasts is either standing in front of a mirror or lying down on your back.

Will you find these lumps yourself?

Yes. The more often you perform your breast examination, the better you will know your breasts and pick up any abnormal changes.

Who should examine their breasts?

Everyone. Both men and women.

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